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Delivering top results in pharmacy cost containment

Pharmacy Cost Containment

Our primary goal and solitary focus

Pinnacle Prescription Analysis combines multiple procedures to deliver services focused on reducing pharmacy costs for long-term care facilities throughout the United States.  Our results are a testament to the success of our strategies and can be viewed on the About Us page of this website.

Due Diligence

We do more so you pay less

True cost containment requires more than a cursory look: it demands diligent analysis.  As a recurring expense, pharmacy costs require recurrent oversight.  Pinnacle Prescription Analysis has implemented the services necessary to deliver a thorough, economical solution for managing pharmacy costs, reducing overall expense and increasing your bottom line.


Service designed with YOU in mind

We understand that when it comes to long-term care facilities, there are no ‘normal’ business hours.  Pharmacies dispense medications to facilities all hours of the day and night, and PPA understands the need to be flexible.  That’s why we’re available at all hours for both the pharmacy and facility, whether it’s early in the morning or at midnight.  That’s service designed with your needs in mind.  That’s Pinnacle Prescription Analysis.

Our Services Include:

  • Bill / Invoice Review – From clerical errors to misapplied pricing, duplicate charges and a host of other data inaccuracies, PPA ensures invoice accuracy and promotes accountability.
  • Cost Savings ReviewsPPA provides detailed analysis of cost savings, showing you exactly how your bottom line is benefiting from our service.
  • Therapeutic Solutions – We suggest allowable substitutions for Part A and Managed Care residents.
  • Advice – As simple as it may sound, having support and assistance as close as a phone call is a big benefit in managing and reducing your pharmacy costs.
  • Consulting – Our team works with your team; offering practical solutions that, when implemented, contain costs each and every day.
  • Planning – Our experience and proven track record has resulted in PPA’s proprietary processes for cost containment.  We help you implement an already proven plan that saves you money.

Business people in a conference room at a meetingAdditional services are provided based on individual facility need.  Pinnacle Prescription Analysis provides extensive service and support that ensures positive outcomes in overall pharmacy cost reduction.  The proof is in the results.  Click Here to see what PPA is doing for companies just like yours.

The Simplicity of Savings

So often, pharmacy savings are found in the details that are often overlooked.  Due diligence, experience and our proprietary processes have enabled PPA to find and implement changes that result in substantial savings.  For instance: switching from a patch to tablets can realize a savings of over 66%, or replacing a capsule with a tablet saved one facility 87.5%.

Lowering your pharmacy costs:

That’s all we do at Pinnacle Prescription Analysis.

The Director of Nursing and administrative staff are often overwhelmed with responsibilities that prevent them from conducting the kind of detailed cost analysis provided by PPA.  By specializing in only one area, PPA has become the pharmacy cost containment experts.  Not only do we reduce your pharmacy costs, but we also relieve your administrative staff from the burden of pharmacy cost oversight, enabling them to focus on other vital duties.