About Pinnacle Prescription Analysis: Pharmacy Cost Containment
& Reduce Pharmacy Bills

Delivering top results in pharmacy cost containment

PPA targets the primary areas in which costs can be cut most effectively, working with individual long-term care facilities to tailor a program that helps reduce the staggering pharmacy costs. Our proprietary program simplifies the process, ensuring a seamless implementation and ease of administration. Saving money should not be a labor-intensive practice and the professionals at Pinnacle Prescription Analysis ensure results with simplicity.

Measurable Results, maximum savings

When it comes to delivering results, Pinnacle Prescription Analysis has earned a reputation as an industry leader. Nothing speaks louder than results. PPA is currently serving over 50 facilities…and our list of satisfied clients continues to grow! References available upon request.

Review the following table that represents actual realized savings of a few of our clients (names removed to uphold client privacy and adhere to federal and state privacy requirements) and see what PPA is currently doing for clients just like you:


NOTE: From Jan. 2012 through May 2012,
16 of our Facilities realized a
TOTAL SAVINGS OF $262,463.57
That’s an average savings of over $16,000 per facility
In only 5 months!

Facility 1 January 2012 $3,064.03
Facility 1 February 2012 $2,196.03
Facility 1 March 2012 $7,516.39
Facility 1 April 2012 $10, 457.12
Facility 1 May 2012 $3,081.65
Facility 2 January 2012 $2,464.95
Facility 2 February 2012 $1,824.63
Facility 2 March 2012 $2,090.30
Facility 2 April 2012 $10,383.48
Facility 2 May 2012 $4,598.62
Facility 3 January 2012 $5,296.77
Facility 3 February 2012 $4,426.44
Facility 3 March 2012 $1,891.66
Facility 3 April 2012 $3,160.36
Facility 3 May 2012 $6,745.89

References available upon request

Pinnacle Prescription Analysis understands the difficulty long-term care facilities face in trying to provide excellent care while managing costs. We have an in-depth understanding of pharmacy costs…and the many ways available to effectively reduce these costs.

What could YOUR facility accomplish with an extra $3,000 + per month?
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